When you become a member of the Marion County Humane Society, you are investing in the lives of lost, abandoned, and abused
    companion animals.  Homeless animals didn't ask to live outside without shelter, food or someone to care about them.  Becoming a
    member of MCHS gives an innocent animal the chance to become someone's best friend.  Membership dues is only $25.  With your
    dues,  you become part of the solution as we implement proven programs aimed at the reduction of overpopulation and needless killing.   
    We really want you to join us, so here are three ways to join:
        1.  Click here for a membership application that you can fill out and mail in.  
        2. Just use the paypal button above and make a note with your payment telling us your name, address, email and let us know you are
             paying your membership dues.  
        3. Or scroll to the bottom of this page to fill out a membership form right here!  


    Thanks to your generous support, we can continue to protect dogs, cats, and other animals of Marion County. Your donation will be used
    to enhance community involvement, generate awareness, rehome precious animals and educate the public regarding responsible pet

    Partner with the Marion County Humane Society in order to foster an atmosphere of success for a second chance for a quality life that
    every animal deserves.  

    select the amount you are comfortable with and PayPal takes care of making your monthly donation to the Marion County Humane
    Society.  Even at $10/month you will be making a significant contribution toward securing the future of the No-Kill Marion County Humane
    Society.  If your financial circumstances change, you can modify or stop your monthly donations at any time.

    We sincerely appreciate your support and commitment to our critters.  Remember, you can modfy your contribution at any time.

    PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT need a PayPal account to make a donation to the Marion County Humane Society. However, a PayPal
    account will give you more choices for making your donation.  For example, with a PayPal account you can select direct payment from
    your checking account or a credit card.

    Honor a special person in your life, memorialize a loved one or cherished companion animal. Donation envelopes are available at most
    funeral homes.
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